Friday’s Photo (15-03-2019)

Crocknorth Road, Surrey Hills

I think I mentioned in my introduction that one of my other loves is photography. I regularly stop as I’m cycling around to capture images that I caught out of the corner of my eye. To be fair, I have a better ‘eye’ than I my photography skills can live up to! I see things that appeal but often fail to capture them with a camera.

All of my photography is done with an iPhone – currently an 8. I do mess around with the pictures in Instagram or Snapseed to enhance them but it still amazes me how capable a camera can be implanted into a phone. It particularly suits my skill level – I could carry around an eye wateringly expensive DSLR with all the kit and still struggle to take a decent shot.

I think the key to photography (for me) is the basic essence of the picture and the composition. Is the picture conveying what you wanted it to? The picture above is a good example. I’ve often thought about taking a photo here as I like the ‘path’ your eyes take between the dark tree tunnel at the top down to the railway bridge at the bottom. The trees provide a perfect frame for the bridge which is the focus. In this case, managing to capture a local cyclist pushing his way up the climb (far too easily if you ask me) was a bonus.

Anyway, inspired by seeing Foto Friday post today by @pedalWORKS, I intend to regularly put up some photos that I’ve taken on this blog – I’m always happy to hear constructive criticism and tips for improvement. Hope you enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Photo (15-03-2019)”

  1. That’s a great photo. I think a lot of phone cameras can produce exceptional quality images these days. I’ve been playing around with the GIMP image software, like Photoshop but free! There’s quite a few tutorials on YouTube for touching up photos and it is well worth a download, just take an hour or so to watch some intro videos to it


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