I’m in! (and there’s beer!)

A sign to warm the heart after 100 miles

I wasn’t surprised but was disappointed when I received my ‘Commiserations’ magazine from the Prudential RideLondon 100 organisers this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it on 4 of the 6 times it’s been held so am doing better than many who try unsuccessfully every year to get in. To be clear, only twice have I made it through the ballot. The other two years’ entries were gained through the Peloton Relay. So, I’m probably in the lucky camp when it comes to my hit rate of getting in to the ride. Having said that, it’s become a bit of an institution for me, especially as it passes within a mile of my home which makes it easy for my family and friends to come and cheer me on, so I’m always sad when I don’t get a place.

I did put in entries for both a Peloton Relay place and the Amstel Team ballot and was very pleased today to receive a confirmation that I have a team place for the Amstel event. Yay! I already have one confirmed team mate and now just need to identify two other victims to join in. The other good news, if I remember correctly is that there is a private area at Green Park for the Amstel teams and I’m pretty sure there was a celebratory beer in there! Now that is how to end a 100 mile bike ride.

For anyone intending to take part this year, I have good news! It doesn’t rain when I do the RideLondon! The only two wet years (well, one wet and one utterly flooded) were the ones where I didn’t get in. So be warned… take sunscreen!

Is anyone else taking part this year?

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