Creaking my way through the weekend

Guards’ Polo Field

I’m getting a bit tired of creaking. For the past year, my bike has been providing a creaky soundtrack to every ride I’ve done. I’ve written about the issue with the rear hub (that I still need to solve) previously but I have a new set of noises now that require further investigation.

When I was out last weekend, I noticed a new type of creaking coming from the bike. I also noticed some chain chatter as well. It’s a new chain from the recent service so it’s not stretched or worn (yet). The creaking was different to the rear wheel noise and was pretty constant.

On Wednesday last week, I decided to clean the bike up and, in an attempt to be really thorough, I decided to take the chain off and give it a really good clean. I won’t bore you with my details of how my mechanical ambitions far outstrip my level of knowledge/competency but, eventually by Saturday, I had a very clean chain (with a new quick link in it) and bike.

I had originally planned to go for a ride to the coast on Saturday as a final long training ride before the RideLondon on 4th August. I’d plotted a back road route down to West Wittering before backtracking to Hayling Island and then on the ferry to Portsmouth and a train home. Sadly, the weather forecast predicted thunderstorms so I decided to give that a miss. I still want to get in a longer ride before RideLondon but I’m running out of time. I don’t feel quite as strong on the bike this year as I have been for the past couple of years so, whilst I have no fears about being unable to finish it, I want to be able to do it in a reasonable time (for me) in comfort.

It seems strange looking back to the first time I rode in the event – the inaugural version in 2013. As a relative newcomer to adult cycling, I was very nervous about attempting my first century ride – on a hybrid – and did a lot of preparation beforehand. It must have paid off as I survived the ordeal and finished the event with no broom-wagon in sight. The last three times I’ve taken part have seen a slightly more philosophical approach to training which mainly involved me not worrying about it at all and just carrying on with my usual weekend cycling and the odd long run out to the coast or similar. Familiarity breeds contempt? Having said that, an awful lot of this is in the head and I’ve done enough centuries now to know that I’m more than capable and, barring crashes or breakdowns (me or the bike), I won’t be in last place.

I’m riding within a team of four this year and I haven’t even met two of the other guys in the team but suspect they’ll be a bit quicker than me from what I can see. No matter. I got into the event through the Amstel Team ballot after failing to get a place in the main ballot – it was just a route to entry. I have no problem if some or all of the others want to set a faster pace – we’ll no doubt meet up at the finish.

The weekend plan changes saw me meet up with Nick on Sunday morning for a shorter ride than I’d planned for Saturday. We decided to head north for a change and set off for Windsor Great Park. It’s a destination we pick a lot as there’s a number of routes we can use and the round trip is somewhere between 35-40 miles which is perfect. The weather was great – warm and sunny at 7.30am and I wasn’t suffering too much from a few beers the night before.

West Byfleet, Row Town and Addlestone came and went in a flash before we cut over to Virginia Water and Egham where we were stopped by a train. We then headed up Tite Hill which wasn’t quite as steep as I’d remembered it (but enough at 5-9% for much of it) before cutting across the main road and down to Bishopsgate and into the park. We turned left and head south, working our way around the Guards’ Polo Club before exiting again at Savill Garden. We went back to the main road and down Priest Hill – a descent I always enjoy and noticed the Elemnt Bolt showing 42.8mph at one point down there. Flying!

An extortionately expensive coffee and bacon roll were consumed at the Runnymede Pleasure Grounds before doing the return leg through Thorpe Lea and Chertsey. I was flagging towards the end of the ride but managed to keep Nick’s wheel and we headed home.

Good ride but the accompanying constant creaking and chain chatter is tiresome. I have a feeling that the chain noise is simply that the front chain guide is slightly out which should be an easy adjustment (see my earlier comments on mechanical ability). I don’t know what the creaking noise is though. I may spend a couple of hours re-tightening everything or possibly try and get some time to get my LBS to take a look and see what they think. Given it’s two weeks to RideLondon, I’m not sure any of them round here will have the time though!

I may try and get out to the coast next weekend, family commitments and weather permitting. It’s the last chance before the event and it’s always nice to get out to the seaside for whatever reason.

4 thoughts on “Creaking my way through the weekend”

  1. I think your understanding of the event and the parcours gives you a calmer approach to the Ride London, I certainly haven’t done as much as I did last year but there’s no panic setting in (yet) as I know the roads like the back of my hand.
    That jersey is spot on though! The guys at Prendas have done a great job on that inverse colour design.


  2. I feel even less well prepared for the Ride London. I seem to have replaced training with unfounded optimism. Bottom bracket for the creak? If it’s not fixed at least I’ll have the noise and the shirt (?) to help recognise you as you go past.

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    1. Haha – thanks! Not sure I’ll be going past you though. Don’t think it’s the bottom bracket as it was all checked at the recent service but you never know!!


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