Hope this will solve the issue

I’ve had enough. The creaking has got to me sufficiently that I’ve bought a new set of wheels – a pair of Hope 20Five RS4 Disc wheels.

After a fair bit of creak-hunting, I think it’s a fair chance that it’s a worsening of the de-bonded rear hub on the Mavic Aksiums that I’ve written about before. I was actually looking to get new wheels anyway because of this issue so it’s not quite the rash decision it may appear.

I wanted a robust set of wheels but ones that were well regarded and I’d pretty much narrowed it down to a set of Hopes or Hunts. The Hunts weren’t available before RideLondon and I ended up buying the Hopes at Evans as Sigma Sports couldn’t fit them in time, being flat out the for the ten days leading up to the aforementioned event which is right on their doorstep.

So I’ve ordered the 20Five RS4 version in a 32 spoke guise for extra robustness. It may make them a little heavier but less likely to buckle under my considerable weight so it seemed a worthwhile trade-off.

They’re being fitted early next week so ride (and creak) report to follow.

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