I am still alive!

I haven’t felt motivated to update this page in a long time. On the vague offchance that this has disappointed anyone, I apologise for that but I am old enough to know that my ramblings on about bike related stuff are not going to have a significant impact on anyone’s life!

Anyway, on reflection, my last post and subsequent absence may look like I’ve thrown away the bike(s) and done something else with my weekends. Far from it – I’m still happily cycling the same bikes with the same rattles and creaks (occasionally) and have planned a new cycling trip for May this year with friends.

I really just lost the enthusiasm for writing. I have no idea why. I guess it’s a habit or a routine and one that’s easily slipped out of.

I promise I will be back soon with some hopefully meaningful content. In the meantime, best wishes and hope you’re having a healthy and happy start to 2020.


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