Cycle Clothing for the Larger Cyclist

Firstly, let me apologise for the above picture but it seemed appropriate as those of us in the UK have been told today that Boris Johnson will be our next Prime Minister with effect from (I think) tomorrow. I have no intention of getting into my feelings on the matter here but it seemed apt to stick him on today’s post.

Anyway, the actual point of the post is to start to realise a long term goal – I want to create a list of cycle clothing manufacturers that cater for those of us with a larger body size than the typical cyclist. Anyone of that persuasion knows how hard it is to source decent technical cycling clothing and, whilst I’ve seen a few lists online (mainly on messageboards) they’re not exhaustive. What I’d like to do with the help of you guys (and anyone else you know) is to build up a really good list of suppliers of larger size clothing in the hope it may help others getting into cycling in the future.

Let’s face it, even skinny racing snakes look slightly silly in full lycra. If you’re large and not athletic, it’s almost comedic. If you step back and think for a moment of any type of clothing that is less suited to to an overweight body shape than full lycra I’ll look forward to hearing about it. Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely the right thing to wear as a cyclist and I will tell anyone of any size that if they’re going to cycle any distance then it will provide a lot of advantages over less technical wear. It still looks a bit daft on me though – your mileage may vary.

The list below sets out either clothing that I have been happy to wear and have firsthand experience of or that I have good reason to believe their sizes go large, mainly through word of mouth. Apologies for the fact that the list is slanted towards the UK for obvious reasons. Most of these sellers ship across the world and I’m happy to include any overseas suppliers that I may not be aware of.

If you are aware of a manufacturer or supplier that provides larger size clothing that I haven’t (yet) got on the list below, please let me know.

The List (a work in progress…)


Al in the Navy/Lime Short Sleeve Ginnel Cycling Jersey

Fat Lad At the Back (FLAB) is the [big] daddy of larger size cycling gear as you might expect from the name. They also provide a Fat Lass At the Back range for ladies. They cater for male cyclists sized from 36″-58″ chest with 29″-60″ waists. Female cyclists’ clothing ranges from 34-50″ chest, 27-46″ waist and 37-55″ hips. I have worn jerseys and bibshorts from FLAB and can attest to their quality. They have a wide variety of designs to choose from and have even produced a ‘stealth’ range that doesn’t mention the f-word anywhere. I like the mission of the company, their typically Yorkshire sense of humour that they apply to their business and range and the clothing itself. It’s not just skinny clothing made big; it’s clothing designed around the more typical shape of a large human being and allows for a few lumps and bumps without showing them off to the world. Reet grand.


Prendas supply a wide range of cycle clothing in size that go up to 8XL for men (my 48″ chest fits comfortably into a 5XL size) in many products. Their products are manufactured by a range of well known suppliers such as Santini SMS. Many of their jerseys are replicas of bygone team jerseys or specific race jerseys – they have a great range and very different to the usual big brand modern designs you see in the mainstream outlets. Their service is excellent and their products are too in my experience.


Image result for santini sms

Santini SMS are an Italian cycle clothing manufacturer. I mentioned them above as one of the ranges that Prendas sell but you can buy direct. Only some of their product ranges go large but the quality is good if you can find something to fit you.


Funkier are an American brand that is available in the UK through a number of mainstream sources although direct purchases can be made through the website. The first pair of bibshorts I ever bought were Funkier and they are still used to this day, although not as my main pair. They’ve held up well and are nicely made. Funkier offer a decent range of products and they come in a variety of sizes although not all come in the larger sizes – it’s down to checking each item on the website. Their winter jerseys are good – I’ve one one for a number of years that kept me toasty during the cold weather but without plastich bin liner lack of breathability. Most Funkier products are keenly priced as well (may not be so if imported direct from the USA).


Image result for assos s7 equipe

What?! Assos?! Aren’t they premium, racing snake specialists?! Well, yes, but my last bibshorts came from Assos and they fit really well. I’m a 39″ waist (possibly 40″) and their largest size of bibshorts fits me nicely – I don’t feel like I’ve had to squeeze into them. So anything up to 40″ waist should be good, possibly 42″. I haven’t tried a jersey as they seems to only go up to about 46″ chest and I have no idea if that’s an optimistic sizing or not. I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of their bibshorts but, given the price, they should be bloody good! I bought mine in a sale and they were only mildly eye-wateringly expensive. To be fair though, they really are comfy and I would happily buy them again (after I’ve saved up or sold off the kids).


In a similar vein to Assos, I have bought and worn Endura bibshorts but never tried a top. Their premium Pro-SL bibshorts fitted me very well and have lasted me for a few years with no issues at all and I would highly recommend them. No idea on the tops – I have no doubt they’re of a similar quality but can’t vouch for the sizing.


Image result for stolen goat jersey

I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that SG’s jerseys fitted me. Just… I bought a jersey last year in their XXXL size and it is a snug fit but it is a fit. I love some of their designs and have also heard very good things about their bibshorts although I haven’t yet tried them myself.


The Royal British Legion Black/Red 2019 Cycling Shirt

I recently discovered these guys looking for some custom kit. KS have a range of cyclingwear that goes up to a 6XL (54″) chest. The products are largely designed in support of the UK Armed Forces or related charities and may not be to everyone’s tastes but I like a number of them and have my eye on an order soon. They also do custom kit for events in alrger sizes which is good to know. I haven’t yet tried them so can’t comment on quality or comfort.


Another American company who supply larger size cycle clothing in both stock designs and custom kits. They have three fit types and a huge range of sizes – some of the largest go up to a 64″ chest. There are a lot of different designs as well so well worth checking out. No personal experience but have read good things online.

TENN OUTDOORS (Amazon/Google)

It’s a shame to have to report that this company have closed down. I have a number of Tenn products in my wardrobe and they were all good value for money and nearly all good quality kit as well. Their bibtights have been going strong for a number of years and I have several jerseys that I wear frequently. The cut of their sprint jerseys was sporty – not race cut but not flappy so suited my figure rather well. Their standard cut was even more forgiving. Whilst their website no longer works, their products are still available (for long I’m not sure) on Amazon and other retailers – definitely worth checking out. For example – I have two of the Sprint jersey shown above which is currently on sale for GB£8.49 at Tredz online! Bargain!

New jersey time!

First, I should probably clarify that I’m talking about my latest kit acquisition rather than a timezone in the US. Apologies to any horologists or other fans of time related articles – this one’s not for you.

I decided it was time for a new cycle jersey and have had my eye on this one for a while. It’s made by Prendas Ciclismo ( who are a well known supplier of bike clothing, a lot of which is retro in appearance. They have a website packed with (amongst other things) jerseys that replicate the look of some well known historical team and event jerseys but manufactured in modern day materials.

From my perspective, Prendas have another plus point going for them – they do their clothing in sizes that fit me! This particular jersey for example goes up to an 8XL fitting! Having said that, I ordered a 5XL (which, let me assure you, is a depressing thing to do) and it is a comfortable but snug fit on my 48″ chest. It’s not tight but it’s certainly not loose either.

The jersey is actually a Santini one and therefore good quality. Everything feels robust, especially the zip.

Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of retro cycling gear, I really like the design of this jersey which they also do in the original black on white design. As a person-of-size I tend to avoid tight white tops.

I’ll report further once I’ve worn it for a ride or two.

Just in case you’re still wondering, the time in New Jersey right now is 6.58am.

Kit Review – Assos Equipe S7 Bib Shorts

Assos Equipe S7 Bib Shorts

Cycling clothing is a challenge for those of us who aren’t built like a pro cyclist. There is little more depressing than ordering clothing in a size XXXL and finding it’s too small! It’s a common problem for those of us who are built to larger dimensions and it’s long been a quest of mine to compile a real world list of clothing that will fit a person of my size. I haven’t got round to that yet as a) it’s quite expensive buying kit from every manufacturer and b) I’m quite lazy so haven’t quite got round to it.

I’ve been wearing Endura Pro SL bib shorts for the past couple of years and initially found them very comfortable. However, I’ve begun to notice a persistent rub on the left side of the pad area over the past six months and decided it was time to trade them in for a new pair. I had orginally thought that I would go for a pair of Decathlon’s B Twin 900 series. I bought the 900 series bib tights last year and found them to be a comfortable fit and nicely padded. Typically, they seem to be phasing out the bib shorts and I couldn’t get any in my size so had to look elsewhere. I also considered going back to Fat Lad At The Back’s range – I have a pair of their Ey Up bib shorts that have been going strong for several years and obviously their sizing range works well for just about anyone. I’m a big fan of FLAB and their ethos – their tongue in cheek approach to deling with what is for many a very sensitive subject is both refreshing and welcome. Embrace your size and be proud.

However, my eye was caught by a number of reviews of the Assos Equipe bib shorts mostly because of the level of comfort the reviewers found they provided. From what I understood it appears that the pads are only connected at the front and back, allowing for more movement of the pad with the body whilst pedalling. Assos call this ‘Golden Gate’ technology. I’m sure there’s some double entendres in there somewhere but I’ll give them a miss for the moment.

I found a par of the S7s on sale at Wiggle in my size and pulled the trigger. When I say they were on sale, the discount brought the price down to a merely eye-wateringly expensive level. Still, what price comfort? I ordered a size TIR – I seemed to be slightly in between sizes and erred for the larger – and was pleased find that they fitted very comfortably. For reference I am about a 39″ waist (measured below the overhang obviously). I had read some comments that they came up shorter than normal but I didn’t find that at all. The look is great – plain matt black finish with discreet logos.

I have taken them out for two rides now – one of about 20-odd miles and one of 40 miles; both times I found them to extremely comfortable with no issues in terms of pressure or rubbing. That Golden Gate technology may be a thing! The pad is certainly comfortable and I like the fact that it’s quite large in area at the front – the more cover a gentleman has in that area is a good thing in my opinion! I don’t really know what else to say about them – I didn’t notice them while I was cycling which is perhaps the best thing I can say; normally the only time you would notice your shorts is when they’re doing something you don’t want them to.

I’ll report further as I use them more but initial impressions are very positive. It’s nice to be able to wear some premium kit at my size though. I’m no equipment snob but it’s still nice.